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Why fresh?
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...and no juice from the supermarket?

We all know that juices are important vitamin carriers in our everyday lives. Experts advise up to five servings of fruits a day, which can be delivered through juices in a concentrated form. Do you know however, what health characteristics are behind it?

Juice in supermarkets and discount stores has little to do with what was originally used. In the production of fruit juices, these are often pasteurised i.e. the juices to be processed are heated to 85 ° C to kill micro-organisms and make the juice more durable. In addition, these are often diluted and subsequently with sugar and additives 'improved'.   

Fruit juice concentrates are freeze dried and pulverized to bring them to minimum size, which provides an economic advantage. Bottled it results in a with drinking water diluted and sweetened product which has only little to do with a healthy, freshly squeezed juice.

On the contrary...

Such juices contribute to an elevated blood sugar level and contain often up to 100 grams of sugar. The calorie values can be compared with Coke and other soft drinks. Also, these juices can contribute to an increased risk of diabetes. According to a report of the Stiftung Warentest, significant deficiencies showed up at most of the multivitamin juices and were classified in part as "harmful".

CONCLUSION: Who wants to keep a healthy diet should be always aware what he takes in. Bulk products do often not achieve the desired effect here.


The way to the healthy juice!

Other than with purchased juices, you can always be sure with freshly squeezed juices, what quality and what vitamins you eat and how they were processed. Freshly squeezed juices have decisive advantages over the mass product. Many vitamins are chemically very reactive which means that they can lose a large part of their value when in contact with oxygen, heat, light and water.

Unlike in pasteurizing the fruits, nuts or plants are not heated during juicing in our Slow Juicer. By pressing "cold" important vitamins and nutrients remain. The principle of squeezing by means of a juice screw prevents the excessive addition of oxygen. This process enables a lower oxidation and gives the juice a naturally longer durability and protects the existing nutrients. In contrast to a smoothie, roughage and fibers are removed during juicing. This eliminates the decay in the intestine. Vitamins and nutrients can be absorbed faster and fully. Freshly squeezed juices thus offer an ideal nutrient for our body and affect us as a 'Vitamin shot".

These vitamins have a positive impact on our immune system. Especially in stress phases or during illness our body needs them to be able to expend the necessary strength. In addition, vitamins have a high preventive effect. So for example the abundant vitamin A in carrots has a positive effect on the liver's detoxification and provides important nutrients for the skin, metabolism and the visual process.

CONCLUSION:  By pressing juice in the Greenis Slow Juicer curical, important for our vitamins are retained and can be absorbed by our bodies quickly and effectively and utilized.