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The Greenis Slow Juicer

The Greenis Slow Juicer can be easily put together in just a few easy steps. All parts are placed into each other by means of the contact point and allow for rapid commissioning. The innovative design of the vertical juicer is not only space saving by its portrait design however also an eye-catcher in every household.

The Greenis Slow Juicer combines stylish design and new innovation with modern diet. All elements used are BPA free and thus provide the perfect opportunity for a healthy juice. The powerful AC-motor and the eightfold cured screw press makes the Greenis Slow Juicer suitable even for persistent pressed product. The slow-juicing process guarantees a best juice yield and a gentle extraction process.

Vertical juicers have the advantage that the pressed product can be added without great pressure.
The high-quality AC-motor has a high force at low speeds (65 RPM) through its torque. This allows pressing hard pressed product such as nuts or carrots.

  • 8-fold cured GE-Ultem screw press
  • Gentle process by slowly pressing - 65 RPM
  • Extreme energy efficiency - 150 Watts
  • The various sieves allow a preparation of juices, puree, sorbets, nut butters, pesto spreads, baby food or tofu.
  • Cover flap allows perfect dosing and keeps the juice inside the juice jug fresh for longer
  • Allows also pressing of wheatgrass!

Easy self-cleaning
Fill with water and start cleaning cycle. The rotating cleaning arms release residues from the juice container.


BPA (Bisphenol A) free
Bisphenol A is often used for the connection of various substances in plastic production. Studies have shown that this substance can be hormone-altering, nerve-damaging and even carcinogenic.