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Greenis in everyday life

For many people, the start in the day begins with a supposedly healthy juice from the bottle. You should change this! For who wants to live healthy should completely renounce fruit juice concentrates. With a freshly squeezed juice from our Greeni Slow Juicer you receive easy as a pie all you need for a good start in the day.

Health conscious is "modern"!

So it says at least in a large part of the statistics. More and more people respond more consciously to their body, this does not only include the trend to enroll at the gym. Also the diet changes. Meanwhile there are 23% of the under 30 year olds, who make use exclusively of organic products. This health trend is increasingly growing. Vegetarians are no longer a rarity and account to 10% of the population in Germany. For whom that is too much and time consuming, they become  "Flexitarians" who rarely take on meat. Or do you live as "Paleo" and devote yourself to only the resources of the stone age?

Quickly you realize that nutrition has no set boundaries. This 'trend' is not especially everyday practical and easy for for families and children. However, it is easy to eat healthier and to ensure an optimal balance of vitamins. With the Greeni Slow Juicer you can make a large contribution to do so. It becomes a piece of cake to reach the daily intake of fruits and fruit recommended by physicians and thus cover the important need for vitamins.

The juice thereafter!

As mentioned in the above section the trend to performance and power sports is also increasing. In doing so many people forget to pay attention to their diet and hence make it more difficult to achieve a weight reduction or even an increase in performance. While this plays a crucial role.
With the start of the physical activity begins also the burning of fat. Due to the altered metabolism, nutrients will be used faster. You should then benefit from this exact process. So it is advisable to immediately after the activity treat yourself to a freshly squeezed "vitaminbomblike" juice. This low fiber energy supply allows the direct intake of the vitamins and contributes to the regeneration.

Outright healthy

Whether trend or top athletes, we all know that fresh fruit and vegetables are healthy for the human organism.

Time pressure, insomnia, stress at work or in daily life. These are no unfounded things in our daily routine. There remains rarely time for healthy food and fresh cooking. Not too seldom the reach to smoothies and oh-so-healthy juices in a supermarket takes place.
Thereby our body is managed by ultimately inner and outer influences. The immune system is weakened and we become more prone to diseases. When even small things can already strengthen our body. 

 „An apple a day keeps the doctor away“

As the English saying goes. Behind this small sentence though lies in no way a lie. Through the vitamins taken in by an apple our immune system demonstrably improves. The absorbed vital elements contribute to lower the risk of heart and vascular diseases, diabetes or cancer. As well as after sport it supplies the body with important potassium.
Apples are especially known as cholesterol blockers and can reduce cholesterol level by up to a quarter. The acid present in the apple has also an anti-inflammatory effect on our body. These facts can be greatly extended and evidenced by numerous studies.
If already that one Apple has an incredibly large effect, imagine how it would be, if you take two whole apples, limes and grapefruits and filter their vitamins excluding fiber and absorb them into your body.