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It´s very simple
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Set up

The construction of the Greeni Slow Juicer is simple and allows you only a few steps already to press your first juice. Despite the BPA free part, you should still rinse them with clear water before the first use. Before placing the parts together you should note that the Greenis Slow Juicer is not yet connected to the mains power.

1. Start with putting together the pressing chamber. To do this you use the supplied sieve (fine, coarse or dense), as well as a rotating arm by means of the reference points in the juice chamber. At proper positioning the sieve can no longer be rotated.

2. Next add the GE-Ultem pressing screw. Insert the screw into the device provided for this purpose. After insertion, this should be level with the upper rim of the sieve.

3. Now you can place the entire chamber onto the motor block. To do this put the chamber on the sockets provided. Upon placing the chamber should stand firmly on the body of the motor block. Please make sure the extraction seal below the juice chamber is locked.

4. Place the cover/filling spout on the pressing chamber. Also here you can keep to the orientation points.

5. Now turn the cover in clockwise direction until both markingpoints are on a line.

6. The Greenis Slow Juicer is provided with a magnetic safety switch. In case the cover/filling spout should not be placed correctly, you cannot set the appliance into operation.